GMC Lemon Law Information

Truck maker GMC (previously General Motors Truck Company or General Motors Truck & Coach Company) is a division of General Motors (GM) that concentrates mostly on trucks and utility vehicles. As of now, GMC produces SUVs, pickup trucks, vans, and light-duty trucks, all of which cater to a luxury market. As a manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks and military vehicles, as well as RVs, transit buses and medium-duty trucks, GMC has produced a wide range of vehicles in the past.

As a premium alternative to the Chevrolet brand, GMC offers luxury cars like the Denali series and the off-road Hummer EV series. GMC trucks are technically identical to Chevrolet pickups. It is almost universal in North America for GMC and Buick vehicles to be sold together at the same dealership, allowing the same dealer to sell both upmarket models. 

GMC is recognized for their excellent cars, which they have been producing for over a century. They sold hundreds of thousands per year in the US. However, even though GM has been around for almost a century, the vehicle production process isn’t faultless;there are still bugs in the system, and lemons still end up in consumers’ possession. 

The following are some of the most prevalent concerns that GM owners have complained about: 

  • Engine transmission issues or failure 
  • Loss of power steering assistance
  • Cracks in the tire tread
  • Fuel pump flange welds are susceptible to failure
  • The brake calipers on the front wheels may leak brake fluid
  • The actuator for the ignition lock may become tangled up
  • Dysfunctional airbags
  • Dislocation of brake pedals
  • Oil leakage
  • Faulty air condition system
  • Others

If you’ve been having problems with your GMC car, the manufacturer has the option to solve them. However, if a fair number of repair attempts have been made without success, you have the right to bring a lemon law claim. Contact us if you’re unclear if your GMC qualifies as a lemon – we’re extremely skilled in GMC lemon law and recalls, and we’ve successfully brought many claims against GMC. Contact us today.

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